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137th District Court

State v. Daniel Grissom

  • Intox. Assault w/SBI (Tex. Pen. Code 49.07)​

  • Officers Involved: Anthony Pistoria, Billy Mitchell

State v. Charla Pace

  • DWI 3rd+ (Tex. Pen. Code 49.04)

  • Officers Involved: Brinnen Kent, Daniel Merritt, David Schreiber

  • Other Notable State's Witnesses: Jeff Howell (jail phone calls)

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140th District Court

State v. Juan Mora

  • Agg Assault w/SBI & DW (Tex. Pen. Code 22.02(a)(2))​

  • Officers Involved: Josiah Scully, Matthew Ingalls, Paige Fletcher, Tony Leal, Sadie Stevens, Garland Timms​

  • Other Notable State's Witnesses: Amber Miller (forensic scientist), Jeff Howell (jail phone calls), Steven Bergen (3D animation of altercation), Leonel Barrera (gang expert from LCDC)

State v. Juan Santos

  • Poss w/Intent to Deliver - DFZ (Tex. Health & Safety Code 481.134(b)(C))​

  • Officers Involved: Billy Koontz, Deon Clements​

  • Other Notable State's Witnesses: Darren Walters (LISD - DFZ)

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364th District Court

State v. William Collins

  • Agg Assault - Retaliation (Tex. Pen. Code 22.02(b)(2)(C))​

  • Officers Involved: Billy Green, Thomas Prumer, William Trotter, Matthew Ingalls, Adam Freeman

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