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Questions about Appointed Attorneys

What qualifications does an attorney need to be on the appointment list?

In order to even qualify to be put on the appointment panel, a person must be a licensed attorney in good standing with the State Bar of Texas. Additionally, that person must have concentrated all of her continuing legal education classes on criminal law for at least one year prior to seeking to join the appointment panel.

Beyond that, there are a series of trial experience requirements that an attorney must meet before she can qualify to be appointed on a case, depending on the level of the offense.

How is an appointed attorney different from a private attorney?​

Attorneys on the appointment panel have the same basic qualifications as private criminal defense attorneys. In fact, many of the panel attorneys may take cases both as private attorneys and as appointed attorneys.

I have a case outside Lubbock County. Can I get an attorney from LPDO appointed to my case?​

No. LPDO only appoints attorneys on Lubbock County cases.

I paid a private defense attorney for my trial. Can I get an attorney appointed on appeal?​

Yes. As long as you qualify as indigent, you can get an attorney appointed to litigate your appeal. LPDO has attorneys who focus on appellate work.

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