The one word most frequently used to describe the advantages of a private defender program is “accountability.” The private defender promotes quality representation of panel attorneys by monitoring workloads, mentoring, training, addressing client complaints, and encouraging the effective use of investigators and expert witnesses.​

Like a public defender, a private defender creates efficiency by centralizing operations without growing government exponentially.  With a centralized case management system the private defender collects case-related data, processes vouchers systematically, and measures the performance and effectiveness of the program.

Governance and Oversight

LPDO Board of Directors

Rick Wardroup


David Guinn


Luke Jordan


Terri Morgeson

Past President

Jody Jenkins


Kim Brown

Member Ex Officio

Nicky Boatwright

Member Ex Officio

Documents About LPDO

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The following documents offer general guidance on how our office is run.

2015-2016 Annual Report

Provides information concerning LPDO budget, an overview of the private defender program, and performance benchmarks.

2015-2016 Operating Plan

Gives an overview of how LPDO operates including the structure of the office, caseloads, policies, and mission.

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