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Jessie Martinez

Mental Health Caseworker

Jessie Martinez is currently serving at the Lubbock Private Defender’s Office as of 2019. He assists in the effective criminal defense and mental health services of human relationships and social justice. Jessie believes that his purpose is to be a positive impact in the community by encouraging people of all ethnic groups, thus improving the social environment through active involvement and leading by example. Jessie attended South Plains College and then later transferred to Wayland Baptist University in Lubbock, TX. He later graduated from WBU with a Bachelor’s in Applied Science majoring in Human Services with the interest and study of criminal law, sociology, and psychology. 


His story and love for life bring a realistic approach to his work ethic and methods of giving back to the community. Jessie has had a lifetime of experiences; therefore, his background enables him to be an extremely effective role model in the work field. Jessie strives to bring a blend of genuine concern and healing to navigate through life issues and outcomes. In addition, Jessie is a proud father, husband and an Air Force dad. He also volunteers as a motivational speaker in local schools and several prisons around Texas. Jessie believes in planting seeds with active words that will soon flourish to help build a brighter future and a better tomorrow.

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