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Eldon Whitworth

Fact Investigator

Eldon Whitworth has worked as the Fact Investigator for Lubbock Private Defenders Office since 2020. Eldon has over five years in the criminal defense investigations field, experienced in all levels of investigations from misdemeanors to capital murder cases. Eldon enjoys using his experience and training to provide ethical, effective, and unbiased defense investigations for each client’s case. Prior to Criminal Defense Investigations, Eldon served 21 years as a Federal Law Enforcement Agent with INS/DHS, retiring as Supervisory Border Patrol Agent in El Paso, TX. Eldon is also an Honorably Discharged US Marine, serving from 1983-1987. OHH-RAH!

Eldon is a native of Lubbock Texas, graduating from Coronado High School. He serves as Senior Deacon at West Texas Church and is also the Co-Founder and Vice-President of Fortress of Hope Ministries.

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