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Travis Gudenrath

Mental Health Caseworker

Travis joined the Lubbock Private Defenders’ Office in September 2022 as a Forensic Mental Health Caseworker. Travis graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Sciences in August 2020, with concentrations in Psychology, Counseling and Addiction Recovery Sciences, and Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies. He is currently in his third year of the College of Education’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s Program at Texas Tech University.

Travis’ professional background is in substance misuse recovery and mental health recovery, having been employed as a Case Manager/Caseworker in an in-patient drug and alcohol treatment center and in a community behavioral health agency doing community-based intervention and treatment. He remains dedicated to aiding others in their respective recoveries through volunteering and community engagement.

Travis is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, but has called Lubbock home for 5 years and is in no rush to leave. He enjoys meeting and getting to know new people, listening and learning their stories and experiences to connect and share with. Travis’ stated purpose is to help others grow towards and through rewarding connections with other human beings, themselves, and life itself.

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